Saturday, May 1, 2010

Confederate Military Service Records from the National Archives

A while back I requested the military service records of a Confederate soldier from the National Archives. This was done online and cost me $25. I got his complete set of 13 records, consisting of information from muster rolls and rolls of prisoners of war.

Here are a couple of the records I received. With them I was able to track him from when he enlisted on 15 May 1862 to when he was capture at the Battle of Helena on 4 Jul 1863 to his transfer to Fort Delaware to when he was exchanged on 7 Mar 1865.

A lot of information about the military units is also included on these records. This one gives his unit when he enlisted, Capt. Green's Company, Arkansas Infantry, as well as information about the different names of that unit. This is useful in researching the history of that unit.

The National Archives has a lot of information and is an invaluable resource in your research.